SPORTS MASSAGE - ITEC Level 3 Diploma (ProActive Training, London)

A form of massage which utilises specific techniques and stretches to help obtain maximum performance and physical conditioning with less chance of injury or pain. It increases power, endurance and flexibility both before and after an event or workout.

All massage techniques including:

Deep friction

Muscle Energy Techniques (MET’s)

Joint mobilisation techniques

Myofascial release techniques

PNF stretching

Soft Tissue Release (STR)

Orthopaedic testing

Trigger pointing/Neuromuscular techniques

Passive stretching

Extensive rehabilitation and exercise prescription

Pre and post event massage


MASSAGE - ITEC Diploma (London)

Experience an all over massage from head to toe using an organic blend of oils to bring about complete relaxation of Mind, Body & Spirit. 

Whether you lead an active or sedentary lifestyle, are young or old, gentle to deep treatments are tailored to suit your needs.


Soft tissues are soothed and manipulated using a variety of stokes and techniques appropriate to your needs. These techniques include: Sports, Remedial, Holistic, Intuitive, and Acupressure.

Massage is a wonderful way to support the detoxification process on all levels, unlock deeply held muscle and tissue tension and stimulate tissue renewal by helping essential nutrients flood into the body's tissues via the bloodstream.


REFLEXOLOGY - IEB Diploma Member of IFR

Lie back and relax with a lovely foot (or hand) massage focusing on specific pressure points relating to internal bodily structures, organs and glands.


Reflexology is suitable for everyone, and has shown to be affective for: hormonal imbalances, menopause, back pain, migraines, headaches, sleep disorders, digestive problems, circulatory problems, stress related disorders and arthritis.



INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE - Certificate (London)

A treatment to lift you out of the stresses of daily life and provide you with a real cure for those tense and aching neck & shoulder muscles. Light pressure is applied to specific acupressure points on the scalp & face and rejuvenating massage strokes are given to the head, neck, shoulders, arms & hands. Depending upon your preference this treatment can be applied with or without the use of oils and clothed or unclothed.



THAI YOGA MASSAGE - Certificate (Master Thailand)

Traditional Thai massage is a clothed massage combining acupressure, massage, joint manipulation and stretches carried out on a futon mattress. The relative balance of techniques used in a treatment depends on individual needs; it is the combination that makes it a unique and potent massage form. A person's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing is taken into account, as appropriate, which helps determine the nature and approach to the massage.



REIKI & ENERGY WORK - Level I & II (ISIS St.Albans)

Universal life force (Energy/Chi) is channeled & guided to where it is needed with the energy field to assist with: clearing energy blockages, rebalancing the system and supporting the healing at a cellular & energetic level. This sensitive work often brings with it a powerful sense of nurturing, deep relaxation & release.



HOLISTIC COUNSELING - Practitioner's Diploma (MSEC London)

Holistic Counseling can help to explain how difficulties or problems in our lives come about and show how we can move from feeling that we are a victim of life to feeling free and at peace. People can be helped in many areas of their lives, including: Health, Career, Finances, Family, and Relationships.


Short visualizations may be used to assist the client in connecting with past experiences or their own intuition. Limiting beliefs systems are explored and the client is encouraged to release mental habits or emotional responses, which no longer serve them. Meditations (treatments) are offered during sessions to help the client connect with the wisdom, strength and peace within them, so that these qualities can be expressed in their life.


A session will last one hour and the counselor will explore the client’s current and past experiences, in a safe and non-judgmental environment.


The cost of treatment depends upon: your choice of treatment, the length of your session and location (Shasha's Space or Chalfont Clinic)

For more information: 

07747 137448



Alexandra is a gifted and very professional masseuse. I always leave feeling invigorated, balanced and with an incredible sense of well-being. I would highly recommend her treatment. She’s truly outstanding.

MJ - Marketing Consultant & Author - London. 


Intuitive, deeply nourishing and blissfully relaxing'

D.Stanley - Yoga teacher & Bodywork therapist - Bath


Alexandra truly has the gift of healing and each time I have one of her deep massages she succeeds in bringing buried energy to the surface. I experience releasing and emerge feeling clearer, relaxed, peaceful and free. Always professional, she is sensitive, intuitive and has a safe pair of hands."

J.Stewart - Colonic Hydrotherapist & Registered Nurse - Totnes.

I’ve had a few wonderful massages from Alex now. She is really fantastic and very calming. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family and look forward to my next treatment!

A.Zammit Lupi - Dance Teacher - London

I have had two great leg massages recently with Alex to sort out my knees after starting to run again after 10 years +. She really helped and I am pain free again. Would thoroughly recommend her.
L.Jermy - Teacher - London

I have just enjoyed the most amazing massage treatment from Alexandra (Shasha). I have been seeing her for many years now, and hopefully several more to come! 

Alexandra is very knowledgeable, gentle and comforting. My healing has accelerated due to her treatments and she genuinely cares about her clients. 

She speaks openly and willingly shares her experiences and knowledge of meditation, yoga, dance, health and wellness for your mind, body & soul. The whole experience is sensational.

L.Thomas - Entrepreneur & Mother of 2 - Denham

I went for an hour long massage after a particularly stressful few weeks. Alex was able to pinpoint my most tense areas and explained why they were tense and the effect the tension can have on the body. Understanding this was really helpful and Alex’s knowledge is extensive to say the least! A real expert with a wealth of experience and a real passion. I will definitely be returning in the future. If only this remedy could be prescribed by my doctor! I truly believe Alex has magic hands and I left feeling completely relaxed. Can’t recommend her enough.

D.Fandango - Musician - Kent

Alex is a beautiful human and has magic hands! . Also love 1-1 yoga 🙏🏼 sessions leave the studio feeling uplifted and lighter

K.Nokes  - Teacher & Mother - Chalfont