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Sports Massage

Fully qualified and highly experienced anatomic and physio masseuse. I have worked alongside osteopaths, chiropractors and acupuncturists across many fields. 

Symbiotic Yoga

One to one sessions for energy flow, supporting a healing process or alleviating troublesome

Holistic Wellness

Qualified therapist bringing my skill sets in balance and harmony. I can mix disciplines together for a 360° approach to solving physical issues and better balance the psyche.


Exploration sessions

Getting to the root of an issue is a common theme in literally everything I do, either during a one hour session or over a succession of treatments.

I offer two and three hour exploration sessions which provides the time required to uncover issues and make in-ways to restoration. During these I can call on massage, yoga, reflexology and counselling techniques to best suit the individual's needs.


Comprehensive programmes

Drawing from all my career expertise, I build bespoke programmes combining physical and emotional therapy to strengthen your mind and body. Every one is different, and so are these programmes.

No one will have you in safer hands for a brighter future.


About Shasha

My baby sister couldn't pronounce Alexandra and called me Shasha instead, it's stuck ever since. I started with a love of dance achieving a BA Hons degree in Contemporary Choreography. 


Prior to this I'd travelled in SE Asia and became interested in Massage and the Healing Arts, this lead me to begin studying anatomy, physiology and alternative therapies. Whilst studying I taught yoga, dance and meditation and learnt about the cross-over benefits so many people need.

My client list is a mix of marathon runners, dancers, yoga enthusiasts, medical professionals and those with more sedentary lifestyles.

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